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Server connection issues

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    Server connection issues

    After succesfuly migrated from HS3 to HS4 I'm trying to connect to MyHS via HSBuddy but with no luck.

    These are my already executed attempts:
    - Made a local user with admin rights and same name and password as MyHS (and re-created it a few times)
    - Deleted MyHS account and made a new fresh one
    - Changed the alternate authentication under General setting in the app.
    - No problem approaching MyHS via browser on my mobile phone using providers network (not WiFi)
    - Option checked in HS4 to acces MyHS
    - Using the wifi setting in HSBuddy works fine
    - Using the DIRECT option with my own home connection IP settings also works fine.
    - I have only one system so this is the primary in MyHS

    The error in the test result received from Homeseer as from HSBuddy Plug-in are the same

    Someone got a clue to solve this?



    Click image for larger version

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    Hey, did you figure a way to solve this? I have not seen this error myself, but a couple things worth trying:
    • Try making the password stronger, with upper/lower case, numbers and symbols. I think somewhere I read there may be a stricter password requirement for accessing the JSON api vía MyHS
    • If that doesn’t work, go to the Options section of the app, then General, and near the bottom enable “Use alternate authentication”
    Hopefully one of these options fixes it.


      Hi Anonio,

      That was a good suggestion, I changed my password from MyHS in an extreme, never to guess one, and it works.