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"Set Value" action not working

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  • eric4414
    I'm having the same issue on ios devices. I can't click on 'done' because I can't set the value so I have to click on cancel. And once the dialog box closes I get the quick control window but selecting something there doesn't do anything and goes away. This happens with my thermostat mode settings - COOL - HEAT ...

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  • shill
    started a topic "Set Value" action not working

    "Set Value" action not working

    On my Pixel 5, HSBuddy has issues when I try to set the tap or long press action to "set value". When I click that choice, nothing happens (seemingly) - the dialog for type of action just goes away but nothing changes. When I hit Done on the "Tap Action" or "Hold Action" screen then close the device properties screen (either Save or Cancel), there's a "Quick Controls" window that's been popped up as a result of me trying to use the "set value" feature. Click that does nothing except make it go away.

    For the device in question (a garage door), the only choices are "Set Value" or "Toggle Lock/Unlock". I want to specifically choose the Close value (set with a controluse of "Lock" by default).