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HSBuddy and Geofencing

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    HSBuddy and Geofencing

    I thought this was interesting.
    Just a quick glimpse on how HSBuddy, GPS, and different phones react to geofencing and GPS.
    We have 4 mobile phones all on the same phone network. We were all in the same car heading out of town where we traveled through 3 geofences. (Vacation Fence @ 20mi away, Away Fence @ 3mi away and Inner Fence @.1 mi away)
    All 4 phones (moto g power, moto g power (2021), moto g 6, pixel 5a) are set up with the accuracy slider at position 3 (Medium) and the "Significant Changes Only) box is checked on all four devices.

    Here are some logs recorded over the last few days of us all leaving town on the 25th and coming back today on the 27th. All four phones checked in correctly but notice the time lag on the time stamps. Some were as much as 12 minutes difference where some others were only a minute or so difference.
    Click image for larger version

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    I am wondering is that the significant changes box has something to do with this? I would love to uncheck it and see how the logs are different?
    It is very interesting to see in the logs the ebb and flow of the different devices checking in with the server and triggering different events.

    Hi Jamr - that is very interesting. I would suggest turning off the 'significant changes' option unless you are seeing HSBuddy consuming too much battery on the phone. I have not had to turn that setting on when I had an iPhone and it also seems to be ok without it on an S20. If that doesn't make the timing of the position report from the phones similar, we can look at the logs from the app to compare what is different between the phones.