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Two questions : Notifications not working and also geofencing grouping

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    Two questions : Notifications not working and also geofencing grouping


    Just started using this plugin, seems great.

    A couple of questions/issues I have are:

    1) I have HSBuddy installed on three devices - my phone (iPhone, app version 1.0.74), partner's phone (Galaxy S21, app version 1.0.72) - the phones I wanted to use primarily for Geolocation & Notifications, and a Fire Tablet(app version 1.0.72) for dashboard control. When I look in Clients on the Server, only the Fire Tablet has a tick next to it for Notifications. There appears to be no way to turn it on for the other devices, and they don't show as available recipients when I try and set them up in an Action. I have enabled Notifications in the HSBuddy apps on the phones but this doesn't appear to make any difference. Am I missing something?
    2) Geofencing rules - I want to use the 'All Devices leave a Geolocation' feature in an action - as the Fire Tablet never leaves home will this action ever trigger? It does not have Geolocation enabled, but both phones do.


    Regarding question 1 - by default all phones should have notifications enabled by default. A few things may be worth trying:
    • In the app under Options > Notifications, the setting at the top for "Enabled" should be turned ON. Try toggling the setting OFF and ON again.
    • In the plugin configuration page for Clients, can you try removing the devices then close/open the app on the phones so they re-register with the server.
    • In the settings for each phone, make sure the app has permissions to receive notifications. This should have been done automatically but just in case.
    Regarding question 2 - the event triggers and conditions for all/any only take into account clients that have Geolocation enabled. If the Fire Tablet does not show a green checkmark for Geolocation in the Clients configuration page, it will not be considered for those.



      Thanks for the response.

      I have tried all three of your suggestions and still not showing the tick for notifications

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        That's weird. If you could follow these steps, there may be some information that could help figure it out. In the phones where notifications is not working:
        • Go to Options > Feedback
        • Start a new capture by taping Send Feedback
        • Go to Options > Notifications
        • Toggle the setting for Enabled to OFF and back to ON
        • Quit and restart the app
        • Wait for app to fully load, then tap on the paper-plane icon at the top-left corner of the screen
        • Finish sending the report


          Done, thank you.