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    Failed operation

    Some month ago something wierd ahappened , today the same.

    My wife came home , with HSbuddy she acticated a virtual switch to power up the house, open the garage door etc. The notification on HSbuddy was "failed operation".
    She called me , I connected HSbuddy via My homeseer since I was not around, and I got the same " failed operation".
    I tested the connection , and both Test results were OK

    About 6-8 minutes later , the garage door opened. and some other devices in the event was set to the correct status.

    I am just now looking at the log , but it doesn't make sense , the log show all is normall , the frontdoor was powered up , but she couldn't open the door. Also the garage door opened only about 6-7 minutes later without any other input. I am still spitting through the logs.

    But can anyone tell me what the cause is of the " failed operation" in HS buddy?


    Hello! Sorry for the late response, I've been offline a few weeks. The 'Failed operation' means the app could not reach the server - to know the exact root cause you can submit a 'feedback report' by going to Options > Feedback, then starting a new report and attempting the failed operation again, then tap on the paper-plane icon that shows on the top bar of the app. I've seen cases where this is caused by the MyHS gateway being temporarily down.

    I am not sure about the garage door opening after 6-7 minutes though. The app does not keep retrying after it shows the 'failed operation'. Did you find in the logs anything at the time that the garage door actually opened that indicates what triggered the action? You could try bumping up the logs for the HSBuddy plug-in up to 'Debug' which write to the log each time the plug-in is called from the app.

    Nothing else comes to mind at the moment. Has this happened again since March 9th?