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Dashboards v2 update

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    Dashboards v2 update

    Hi all!

    Version 1.0.76 of HSBuddy was just pushed to the app store. This new version should improve the experience of Dashboards, especially when shared and viewed across different devices (with different screen sizes). This required making non-backwards-compatible changes to the format of the dashboard data. When you open the app after updating to the newest version, you will notice that dashboards created with previous versions of the app show a button to perform the upgrade manually. This was done on purpose so that:
    1. When you tap the upgrade button, HSBuddy will use the current device orientation (portrait or landscape) to determine the dimensions for the upgraded dashboard
    2. You can choose whether to upgrade in-place (overwrite old dashboard) or upgrade into a copy. The latter will allow you to continue using the old dashboard if not all your devices update at the same pace.
    This new version of HSBuddy keeps a log of changes performed on Dashboards. This allows rolling back changes done locally or downloaded from the server. That includes the initial upgrade of old dashboards.

    For the past few months there's been a few folks trying dashboards v2 in the beta, so I'm hoping most major issues have been resolved. If you do run into something that does not look right, please use this thread to report the issue and/or use the feedback report function from the app.