Hey guys,

I recently bought a hometroller pi to get my insteon devices working again. That part seems to be going fine. Now I'm trying to use HS Buddy with Homeseer to get the best app control for my devices possible.

I installed the HS Buddy plugin on my hometroller pi and I downloaded the HS Buddy app on my iphone. When I test my connection on the HS Buddy app it says "Test results: HS Buddy Plug-in: Error, invalid credentials, CODE 403". I read through the HS Buddy setup guide and it seems like I need to install mono-devel and libsqlite3-0 packages for raspberry pi (which I assume is what is running my Hometroller Pi?)

So my questions are: a) am I going in the right direction? b) if yes how do I install these packages on my Hometroller Pi? I'm not the worlds most tech savy individual, so I'm not sure how to go about installing those.