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HSBuddy Clients Current Longitude and Latitude

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    Originally posted by avargaskun View Post
    I will look into this - hoping to work on geolocation improvements once I finish some work on dashboards.

    Not sure if a viable workaround, but just want to make sure you're aware that you can view a map of current device locations from within the plugin configuration page. If you go to Plugins > HSBuddy > Geofences and then tap on the "Clients" tab.
    I'm sure many of us would love the devices... for me, when I was using PHLocation, I could pull up the dashboard and see the address and/or a pre-defined location (then map if needed) of where my kids are.


      avargaskun thought of a potential stop-gap... If you added a Trigger for 'any change' and stored data for each device (lat/log & fence) in separate global variables.... We could then have a single event run when "Any device" changes, and then have the HS event write to our own created virtual devices?


        HsBuddy has now lat/lon devices. obtaining GPS coordinates - HomeSeer Message Board‚Äč