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    Notification Request

    I currently have a notification with action setup.

    When I trigger my event for leaving he house via geolocation, I have it send me the following notification:

    Your are about to trigger the house to AWAY mode, is there anyone at the house?

    Yes or No

    Yes cancels the AWAY event and turns on my GUEST MODE which prevents the house from shutting down all the lights and put HVAC In AWAY mode,etc.

    Here is my issue:

    If I respond via the actual notification in my notification bar, everything works.

    If I click the notification and it opens HSBUDDY or I'm already in HSBUDDY I cannot respond to the message.

    I can view the message but not use the action.

    So I have 2 request if possible:

    First request is to be able to respond to the notification from within the APP.

    Second request is to possibly be able to create a shortcut to unread notifications on the dashboard. From what I can tell you can only reach it under the Server Option.

    If I am missing something please let me know.

    I also "BOUGHT YOU A COFFEE" because this APP is what is needed to make HomeSeer top notch. HomeSeer should acquire you and the app