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HS Buddy will not work devices

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    HS Buddy will not work devices

    Just run into issue with HS Buddy not switching TUYA Wi-Fi devices on / off.
    I recently had to recreate three devices and have added them to a dashboard in HS Buddy. All appears well except that when any of the devices are toggled, there is no change to the state of the device. If a light is off it stays off despite the HS Buddy symbol showing that it is apparently on.
    The devices work as expected in the Smart Life app and also on the Homeseer devices page.

    Any ideas as to what the issue may be? I am using HS Buddy on Android and have restarted the phone to no avail.

    Any help appreciated.

    As an update, restarting the WIn10 PC running HS4 allows the devices to work in HS Buddy.