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Graphs or Charts on HSBuddy Dashboards?

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    Graphs or Charts on HSBuddy Dashboards?

    What is the best way to put a graph on a HSBuddy dashboard?

    It seems like the best option right now is to periodically render it to an image, and include that image as an image widget with a refresh interval.

    Is there any way to add an arbitrary html link to a chart that is generated on load / refresh? It looks like some of the common charting / graphing plugins have ways to link directly to a graph, but I don't know how I'd link to them via a HSBuddy widget on a dashboard.



    "Device History"

    Imperihome (EOL) has a built-in function for this... and it works great. I can tap a device (LUX, humidity, temperature, etc) and see Current Day or Week or Month or Year... charted with the prior one. Super useful for seeing how the weather and HVAC affects room temps (I have sensors in every room).


      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

      For now I made a virtual device I can toggle to trigger an event that refreshes a graphs image. Good enough for now.