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Questions Regarding Backups and Push Notifications

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    Questions Regarding Backups and Push Notifications

    Hi, first I would like to say thank you VERY MUCH for creating HSBuddy!!

    I switch around phones and ROMs a lot, and need to migrate the app each time I switch. I see the backup to cloud to option, but when I do a fresh install of the app and sign in, I no longer see the restore from cloud option. If I do a restore of app + data, push notifications no longer work, so I end up having to do a fresh install and rebuild my dashboards each time.
    I'm wondering how to the backups work and where do they go? Is our username / password stored out there somewhere in the cloud? Is there some way to make a local settings backup on internal phone storage?


    Backup to cloud uses either iCloud or Google Cloud depending on your phone. The data is only accessible to the profile of the user signed into the phone. In the case of Android it will only work if the phone has Google Services installed and a user is signed in with a Google account. I suppose in the case of custom ROMs that may not always be the case. Backup/restore wont work across clouds (Apple/Google). The backed up settings include connection data, device favorites, dashboards and other settings. If you reinstall the app and restore settings most times it will break notifications because the phone will generate a new unique id for the app.

    There's a workaround for dashboards and device favorites. From the phone app you're able to store those directly on the server using the manage dashboards/lists from the upper-right menu. You'd still need to first reconfigure your connection to the server though.

    I will look into better restore options for future versions of the app.