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Dashboard editor not updating on phone correctly

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    Dashboard editor not updating on phone correctly

    First off, Let me say I love this app, Great job!!!

    The online dashboard editor really was the only way I would try to get my head around building a dashboard.
    I gave it a try tonight, and it seems to be doing weird things.

    I am trying to build a thermostat dashboard.
    I added a small red up arrow, and a small red down arrow, as well as Blue up/down arrows.
    I added the Heat setpoint value, as well as the Cooling setpoint value.
    I saved and tested, and everything seems to work correctly.

    NOW, I am just trying to move around these six items.
    In the homeseer web browser, I am able to move the items around, resize, and even add text.
    I then save and close the homeseer web browser editor.
    I pick up my phone, start up HSBUDDY, and my changes are there.

    EXCEPT, now there are two sets of red and blue arrows.
    The original location I placed them, still shows them there, (like a ghost icon) but they no longer work, and cannot be moved around, and are not visible in the web browser editor. They are only visible on my phone.

    Also, the new location I moved them to, they do show up correctly, and they do work, and they can be edited as normal.
    No matter how many times I move these items around in the dashboard, they look correct in the web browser, and the phone, but the ghost icons are still there?

    I have tried force closing HSBUDDY, and restarting, and the ghost icons are still there.

    If I delete one of the working icons, then all four of the ghost icons disappeared along with the icon I needed.

    So I just re added the icon I deleted, hoping I would be ok, and now I have other ghost icons, as soon as I try to move anything to a different place on the dashboard.

    Anyone else experiencing this behavior?


    I would like to add that I have found a work around to this issue.

    I can create all the widgets I like.
    Place them on the screen where I want.
    Then save and close.

    Then I open up the same dashboard, and create a new text widget.
    Save and close.

    Then open up the same dashboard, and delete the newly created text widget.
    save and close.

    After you delete something, the dashboard will display correctly on the phone.
    Seems like the delete command, clears up all the "ghost" widgets.

    Hope this helps someone....


      Thanks for the detailed explanation swanie2000 - I have created an issue for tracking:

      If you are able to repro on your side it would help to get a bug report from the app while you are experiencing the issue with the 'ghost' widgets. You can create the report from the app using the Menu > Feedback section. Either way, I will try to repro following the same steps.