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FYI - Inconsistent rendering on new browsers

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    FYI - Inconsistent rendering on new browsers

    Beautifully done extension to HS. Going to look into this more as I try to figure out Node.JS technology.

    After just having updated to Windows 10, I do want to inform you that each browser is rendering the page differently and I am curious what you think the cause is. I have attached a snip that attempts to show each case.

    Chrome - Works Great, just like it always did. Android phone. Same.
    Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 - Renders nothing for the Thermostats block. Note that I did delete two thermostats from the source.
    Edge - truly odd. The two status devices are not rendered or are rendered as a singular white box. Its clipped from the shot but the other undefined widget renders as up / down arrows.
    Attached Files

    Or patience

    After refreshing a couple times, both MS browsers rendered OK but then sometimes did not. In Edge, the thermostat is stuck with a block, a tiny spinner and then three icons that vaguely look like the new share triangle, maybe a trashcan, hard to make out and then something that looks like 3 drops of water.
    Sticking with Chrome but I find these new technologies and their quirkiness to be fascinating.