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ImperiHome and Philips Hue when remote isn't working

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  • ImperiHome and Philips Hue when remote isn't working

    Hi there, I emailed ImperHome support 2 weeks ago and never received a response so will try here since it's sort of related.

    I have JowiHue with Philips Hue lights on HS3, but the problem is ImperiHome adds them just as normal lights with no way to set the colour. In addition it usually is a bit off, like if you turn off a Hue light, ImperiHome will report it as being on, but at 1% or -1%.

    So I found that by just adding the Hue bridge directly to ImperiHome it gives MUCH better support as you can actually adjust colours, saturation and so on. The problem is it seems to only work locally, so as soon as you leave the house you lose the ability to control Hue. Most of my lights are Hue as I'm super impressed with their performance so have replaced most my lamps and what not with Hue bulbs. Any suggestions other than adding devices twice, one for when we're home one for remote? (Don't like this option as loading ImperiHome when remote takes 20 or so seconds as it seems to be trying to connect to the Hue bridge then fails). Thanks!

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    ImperiHome replied they said it's a limitation of their software that doesn't support Hue when remote. So if the only way to control Hue remotely is via HS3 how do I change colours?