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Honeywell YTH8320 Thermostat

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    Honeywell YTH8320 Thermostat

    Hey Spud,

    I have this Honeywell YTH8320 Thermostat in various zones in my house and this unit has a "circulation mode" for fan control. The IH App does not show the correct status of the HVAC fan when it changes into or out of circulation mode.

    The debug log shows the control change correctly so I know the IH plugin knows the status but on the next IH App refresh the fan status reverts back to "Auto" usually. Looking into this I took a look at the Fan Mode Device Status in HS, and the setting for the "Circulation" mode is "not specified" in the pull down. There is no selection for "Thermostat Fan Circulation" as I would expect, compared to the "Thermostat Fan On and Thermostat Fan Auto status's available otherwise.

    So, long story short, is this something you can verify and is this an issue with HS3 or the IH plugin?

    My code levels are below:

    Current Date/Time: 4/1/2017 10:21:42 AM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    System Uptime: 4 Days 20 Hours 36 Minutes 25 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 470
    Number of Events: 109
    Available Threads: 400

    Enabled Plug-Ins Autelis BLOnkyo BLStat BLTouchString EnvisaLinkAdemco HSTouch Server ImperiHome Nest
    3.0.6265.19154: UltraECM3 Z-Wave


    could you post the log at trace level as well as a screenshot of the "Status Graphics" tab for this device?



      Please find attached the log trace file and screen shot requested.
      The trace is 5 minutes of a very chatty IH PI and near the end I changed the fan mode from Auto to On to Circulation to Auto so you can see the status change. I have 5 of this type of Thermostat in my residence so keep that in mind looking through the logs.

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