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Composite switch & status widget

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    Composite switch & status widget

    Oops - I jumped the gun here. I discovered that I was using a separate virtual device which was not tracking the status of the pump. All fixed.

    The color now changes to indicate the actual status even if another action changes the state of the pump.

    I would delete this post, if I could find a way to do it.

    I have yet to find a composite widget that will turn on and off a device and independently also show the status of the device.

    For example, I would like a widget to turn on an off my pond pump but also have the color of the widget indicate on-off status of the pump. I am using a switch icon for this now that changes color when you press it but it doesn't change color if the status of the pump changes from some other action such as an event in HS. It it possible to do this, or do I have to use two widgets? I would like to use only one to conserve space.
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