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ImerpiHome Spa Temperature Range

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  • ImerpiHome Spa Temperature Range

    I made a custom device and tried to have Imerihome control the SPA temp but the widgets stop at 100f even though the device is set to be 80F - 106F.

    Is there some way to trick this or get an update that would allow the widgets to set this? Or have I set something wrong?

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    in which tab of the config page does this device appear?
    If it is configured as a dimmer, the range will always appear in IH as 0%-100%, but the plug-in remap the values so if the actual range in HS3 is 80-106 then 0% is 80 and 100% is 106.

    the other choice is to create a multiswitch for this device


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      Its created as a themostat device, and its the heating set point, its just the widget/spinner for the device stop at 100F. It looks really nice like it is, its just a shame I can't change the range of the temperate set point