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Change thermostat set point in U.I

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  • Change thermostat set point in U.I

    So now that it's summer, I have a need to control my cool set point. However, the UI shows only the head set point. If I change the cool set point in HS, the UI on my phone changes for a moment displaying the cool set point, but then reverts back.
    I've reloaded and rebuilt the cache, still I can't figure out how to force the set point action on cool.

    Anyone know how?

    HS3PRO as a Fire Daemon service, Windows 2016 Server Std Intel Core i5 PC HTPC Slim SFF 4GB, 120GB SSD drive, WLG800, RFXCom, TI103,NetCam, UltraNetcam3, BLBackup, CurrentCost 3P Rain8Net, MCsSprinker, HSTouch, Ademco Security plugin/AD2USB, JowiHue, various Oregon Scientific temp/humidity sensors, Z-Net, Zsmoke, Aeron Labs micro switches, Amazon Echo Dots, WS+, WD+ ... on and on.