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Imperihome not reporting correct values

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  • Imperihome not reporting correct values


    I'm running the Imperihome plugin version and HomeSeer HS3 Standard Edition I'm using the ImperiHome iPhone app v3.0.8. When using the app, it doesn't update the value that's in HomeSeer. I have the app set to refresh every 1 second. For example, I'll open the app and it will show that my garage lights are on, when in fact they are off. HomeSeer reports the correct value, but Imperhome does not. It's intermittent, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot. I only have a few more days left of the trial for the plug-in and would like to get this resolved before I buy the license.

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    to troubleshoot, set the log level (or log file level) to trace, and then in the logs try to see what values are sent to the app, and/or if there is any error reported.


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      Thanks. Looks like the log is showing the correct values for the imperihome plugin. I changed the remote URL in the app from using ddsn and port forwarding to the MyHS URL and it seems to be working better.