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IH can't connect to HS3 locally

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    IH can't connect to HS3 locally

    I am getting the following message continuously in imperihome on my android phone.

    "Multiple local errors for 'HS3HometrollerSEL'. Falling back to remote mode..."

    I'm sure its something silly, but I can't find it. My hometroller is connected via ethernet, and the phone is on the same network. The network indicator claims that the network state is : LOCAL NETWORK. All devices seem to operate normally when it falls back to remote mode. The messages don't appear and the network state changes to : REMOTE when the phone uses cellular data.

    Any ideas?

    how is the IH plugin configured? Do you have "Use custom http server" checked or not.

    maybe your HS local ip has changed?
    can you access http://<local hs ip>:82/issapi/system from a browser on your phone?


      I do not have use custom http server checked

      my local API base url is http://192.168.x.yy:80/issapi (not 82)

      when I input http://192.168.x.yy:80/issapi/system,

      I get a page that simply says:

      {"id":"HS3 hometroller SEL","apiversion":1}


        I don't think my HS3 local IP has changed. I have it set on my router as static, and when i input that address from my computer or my phone, I get the HS interface.