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How to uninstall Imperihome

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    How to uninstall Imperihome

    I purchased the Imperihome plugin two days ago but had to return it for credit. The reason for returning the product is that the client PRO version requires a $4.99 recurring monthly payment. So, I have to pay $60 annually to use this product. I tried using the free standard client but each available display screen has some areas restricted which is indicated by a big black X. Standard product indicates that these areas are ONLY available under the PRO version. IMHO, the standard version is somewhat crippled in an attempt to get users to upgrade to the PRO version @ $4.99 per month.

    But anyway, my question is... How do I uninstall the Imperihome plugin from my standard HS3 system running on a RPI? I'm new to HS3 so please bear with me.

    UPDATE: Duh. I figured out how to uninstall this plugin. I had to go into the Manage plugins area to uninstall it.
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    Yeah the new licensing definitely sucks. I woun't pay it either. Maybe one day HomeSeer will put out a nice, easily manageable solution.
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        I wonder how IH would handle nonpayment of the Recurring Monthly Fee. Would they remotely disable the app until payment was made? For example, allowing IH to make monthly charges against your credit card and the card expires. Thus, IH doesn't receive the fee. So, in theory, you would not be able to control your lighting, arming/disarming security systems etc until you provided IH with a current credit card and they enable the app.

        I can see so many potential issues in this scenario which makes me wonder why IH would do such an assinine thing.