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imperihome on android suddenly won't connect to HS

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    imperihome on android suddenly won't connect to HS

    When opening the app on the phone it says:

    Could not get devices infos.

    When I check the connection settings in both the plugin in HS and the phone app. Everything checks out. It has been working for quite a while now, and nothing at all has changed.

    I have tried restarting HS, Restarting the plugin, rebuilding the cache. Did something change in the plugin that I am missing? Thanks!

    sounds more like it's on the app side.

    check your connection settings in the app... i believe there are 3:
    Force local
    Force remote

    what you didn't say is how you actually connect... e.g. are you using MyHS? you might check that connection on a PC as well to make sure all is well - assuming you are trying to connect remotely.

    if only using locally... make sure you didn't turn wifi off on your phone.

    few ideas to get you started without knowing more.


      It was the myHS login. They now make you use your email as username apparently. I changed that in the app and it works great now. Thanks!