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Best-Practice for overlapping controls

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    Best-Practice for overlapping controls

    What is the best practice when it comes to using the plug-in with Imperihome or the one's that Imperihome support natively. For instance, I have the JowiHue plug-in but Imperihome supports Philips Hue directly. The same holds true for Sonos and the Logitech Harmony remotes.

    Are their limitations of using the plug-in created device vs. the Imperihome system created device? I could see having remote access to those features off your local network being a benefit since the plug-in is communicating with HomeSeer and then HomeSeer is communicating with Sonos, Hue, Logitec, etc. Where if you used Imperihome systems instead you wouldn' thave that capability.

    Are there any other considerations? Pros/cons?




      In my opinion, I would think you would want HS to be the central point of control for all systems in the home and to have it control or have knowledge of everything being controlled. In my case, systems like my security, irrigation, and pool controllers report back to HS which then updates the Imperihome app.

      I dont use any native Imperihome app controls since HS would not know about them, however if there's no way for HS to control a particular device then I would definitely use native Imperihome app controls until such a PI was developed for HS.