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  • Device List will Not Refresh

    I lost all my insteon devices from HS. So, I have to re-build from scratch. For the life of me I can't get ImperiHome to load the new devices. I connect ok to the plugin, but it will not show any new devices and shows all my old devices. I tried the re-fresh cache, start and stop the web server. I even deleted HS from the Imperihome client and re-added it. Still shows the old devices. In the Plugin UI it looks correct. All the new devices are listed and the old ones are not there. I just can't get the iPhone client to see them..... Thanks.

    I even created a new instance of the plugin and scoped it down to just 3 devices. Removed all events and other device check boxes. I then updated the iOS client to point to the new port. I'm still seeing the old devices and events. The blue activity bar never stops......

    UPDATE FIXED: OK, so if I press the gear icon in the ImperiHome client in the uppeer right and select 'reload' that fixes it! You would think that deleting the service and re-adding it would do that.... Anyway, hope this helps someone else....
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