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Alarm will not bypass

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  • spud
    The EnvisaLink plugin creates 2 devices for each zone (assuming you have checked "Create additional devices for zone bypassed status" in the config page):
    - one that report the open/close status of the zone and has a Bypass control
    - one that report the active/bypass status of the zone

    Does the bypass button works when you click it from the device management page?

    In ImperiHome plugin, nothing is put by default in the Security Devices or Multi switches tab, you have to configure that manually.
    If you want to see both open/close and active/bypass status in IH, you have to configure 2 widgets. Add both the zone and zone bypassed devices in the security devices tab. In the IH app they will appear as security devices and won't have any control attached to them.
    If you want the bypass controll from IH, you need to add the zone device as a multi switch.

    That being said I agree it would make more sense if the Bypass control was attached to the zone bypassed device rather than to the zone device. So I will probably change that in a future version of the EnvisaLink plugin.

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  • jbfoster
    started a topic Alarm will not bypass

    Alarm will not bypass

    I have a DSC 1832 Alarm. I am also using EnvisaLink 3. When I select Bypass in ImperiHome IOS app the zone status changes to bypass but about 10 seconds later the zone status goes back to open. Not sure where to start looking to fix it. Any idea?

    When I installed the ImperiHome plugin it put my alarm under Multi Switches. Shouldn't it have been in the Security Devices Tab?
    In the Multi Switches Tab, it shows all my zones and there is a box for each zone for bypass and all boxes have a check mark.
    Other than zone bypass everything seems to be working in ImperiHome App.

    In the EnvisaLink plugin, all I saw that had to do with zone bypass is
    Create additional devices for zone bypassed status
    Currently, it is not checked. Not sure what this option does.