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Remote Connection "Error :( Invalid Response from API"

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    Remote Connection "Error :( Invalid Response from API"

    Hi guys, I've been in search of a decent mobile platform to control my Homeseer system, but I'm having issue getting the app set up.

    First, I've followed the instructions for both custom http and non custom. I'm having issue getting a remote connection.

    I'm able to connect locally both with the custom and noncustom setup, but when it comes to remote connection I'm having issue.

    I'm using HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)

    When using the non custom setup I followed the local and remote server info and plug it into the imperihome app. Example: http://192.168.1.x:x/issapi AND
    I then add my MYHS user and password (which I use the same for my local homeseer login for simplicity)

    When I plug those in, I can connect locally, but when I turn off wifi I can't connect remotely. If I take that same ip address in a web browser I can get a login screen, so I know I'm reaching some kind of authentication.

    (If I use I get a web page with this line: "{"id":"HS3 ERICSERVER","apiversion":1}"

    Now I've heard that MYHS may have some issues since the changes in the last year or two, so I attempted the "old" way that I've seen on other forum posts.

    I chose the custom http server option. I port forwarded the 8072 port on my firewall and pointed it at my server. I verified I could still connect locally via the proper port (8072) and I then went to test remotely. I tried several options. I used my external IP address example: xx.xx.xx.x, I tried example xx.xx.xx.x:8072, I tried xx.xx.xx.x:8072/issapi, I tried http://xx.xx.xx.x, http://xx.xx.xx.x:8072, http://xx.xx.xx.x:8072/issapi. I tried a half a dozen other options as well, and none have worked out for me.

    Each time I get a response "Error Invalid Response from API"

    I need some help connecting, any insight would be helpful.


    I am suddenly having a similar issue. Imperihome was working this morning, but stopped suddenly. I have problems when switching back and forth between local and remote so I force my phone to connect remotely. The connection stopped, and every time I reload devices, I get

    HS3 hometroller SEL ( Imperihome standard system) : iss : could not get devices infos

    When I turn it back on to automatically connect, while on my local wifi, everything is fine, but as soon as I am off the wifi and it switches to remote, it stops working.

    I tried disabling and re-enabling the plug-in several times, and restarting homeseer, but nothing helped.

    I rechecked all urls on my imperihome config page and everything is as it should be. My homeseer system has an assigned ip address, so that hasn't changed. I don't use the custom http server.


      Mine seems to be working properly now strikermed. I didn't change anything, so I assume something happened on their end. Did it start working for you?


        I have the same issue. Local connection works well, but unable to connect remotely anymore.


          I still had some issues where it would work sometimes and not work others. I've decided to hold off. I did contact the company, because I was unable to get the purchase to work, and they told me they were changing their pricing per month to somewhere around $2 a month.

          I'll revisit it in the future. Currently I'm working on Homeseer Designer to create my own house layout to make turning on and off lights more manageable.


            Same problem for me Working fine today morning, but tried to access from outside and it stopped working. Now I also have the same problem locally ,,,
   work fine inside and outside the house..
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              Same here - any ideas on a fix? Thanks!!


                it seems something has changed, for me it doesn't work anymore on custom ISS setup but it works on the standard one.


                  I know this is an older post but I'm new to Homeseer and have been a long time Imperihome user with VeraPLus. My issue is the same as strikermed noted above. MyHS works remotely, as does the native HS android app. Imperihome works locally but not remotely, same error as noted above. Has anyone figured this out? I CAN access the web interface remotely with just Any new ideas? Thanks!