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Can an instance of Imperihome be duplicated?

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    Can an instance of Imperihome be duplicated?

    Hi all,

    Fantastic plug-in and have been using Imperihome even before I got into HS.
    Currently I have one instance of Imperihome and have spent many hours getting the devices in, setting all the sensors etc. One downside is every device I setup Imperihome gets everything I've setup in Homeseer...essentially everyone has access to all devices/events etc.

    My understanding is for multiple logins, you have to create multiple instances of Imperihome. For instance, 4 people in the house...1 is a guest and so only has access to guest room devices. 2 are parents so access all devices and 1 is a child so only their own room and some main lighting in the house. That would be 3 instances.

    If this is how it works and I understand it there a way to duplicate an instance?
    My issue is it's going to take me ages to add all the sensors back in ...could an instance be duplicated and renamed along with new credentials?

    thanks in advance

    If you create an instance called Guest for example, it will read/write all its settings to Config/ImperiHome_Guest.ini,
    So, create your Guest instance from the PLUG-INS > Manage page, start it and change at least one setting so that the ImperiHome_Guest.ini file is created, shutdown the Guest instance. Then copy the entire content of ImperiHome.ini to ImperiHome_Guest.ini, then restart the Guest instance.

    Note that when using multiple instances, you have to use "custom http server" and change the http/https server port for each new instance.


      Perfect thank you Spud as always