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Is it possible to display multi-switch status

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    Is it possible to display multi-switch status

    Hi guys,

    Please bear with me as I am an Imperihome newbie. I have used HS3 / HS Touch for awhile but am unhappy with the poor performance of HSTouch and am therefore trying to transition to Imperihome on our IOS devices using Spud's plugin.

    The issue I am having is that I have not found a way to represent the multi-switch's status in Imperihome. For example, I have a virtual switch in HS3 which sets the status of our home as one of the following 3 statuses:

    - At home, day mode
    - At home, night mode
    - Away mode

    I can add the switch to the dashboard and see a single icon with a title stating the status (text), however I would like to see different icons depending upon which of the modes are selected on the virtual switch.

    Is there any way this can be achieved?



    Sorry, I don't think dynamic icons are possible for multi switchs, it is only possible for On/Off devices or similar.