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Imerihome App brings back all devices

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    Imerihome App brings back all devices

    Hello spud ,

    As recently commented, from time to time all devices from "On/Off Devices" and "Dimmers" sections show in Imperihome App, even all are deselected from the interface.
    I think it happens when plugin restarted and/or hs3 restarted. But not only upon this.

    See the attached pictures.

    It is very annoying, as I have a lot of devices, it lags when away from home, scrolling a lot devices which I don't want to appear.
    Planning to put a tablet on wall, so family members can control particular devices, but don't want all devices to be exposed randomly.

    Do you have a clue why this might happen?

    Forgot to mention, that clicking on Rebuild button under Settings page and reloading on ImeriHome App corrects the problem.


      Very odd, I have no idea how such thing is possible, do you have any error in the logs when this happens?