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Would a new instance per device be required?

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    Would a new instance per device be required?

    Hi all,

    Following onto a previous question, I have made a few instances of Imperihome
    "Imperihome" which is the default one that has all devices and only stays on mine as the "admin"
    "Person 2" this has a limited view of just what is required for the wife
    "Guest" this is further limited of devices just for their room and a few important ones.
    "Tablet" this is for the tablets around the house.

    One thing I noticed today was I can export/upload my settings to the Cloud which I assume means if I got a new tablet or had to wipe one, I could import the settings and everythings back to how it was BUT...

    Am I correct in saying it's a backup per instance?
    So if I have 4 tablets using the Tablet login each with their own dashboard (Living room with living room devices, upstairs with upstairs devices etc), the backup would be for the latest backed up device and be treated as one device?

    For example, Tablet 1 Living is backed up (uses tablet login), Tablet 2 then is backed up (also uses tablet login).
    I wipe Tablet 1 and import the settings back.
    Would Tablet 2 settings import onto Tablet 1 because Tablet 2 was the most recent backed up tablet for this login?

    If this is the case, would the only way around this be to create an instance per tablet so that each tablet is backed up individually and can be restored individually?

    I suppose this is not a major issue however I'm looking at putting a tablet per room (Living, each bedroom, upstairs/downstairs landing, kitchen) and so I would need almost 8-9 individual instances of Imperihome running just to cover tablets?

    Hope this makes sense!

    thanks in advance

    I have never really used the import/export feature of the ImperiHome app so I'm not sure how it works, but it has nothing to do with plugin instances. From the app point of view each plugin instance is like a different object.
    A quick look at import/export shows that you can export different configuration file to the cloud. So export each tablet under a different file name and you should be ok. I don't see why you would need to create more than your 4 existing plugin instances.


      Thanks for the quick reply Spud !
      I'll look into actually doing an export and try it out.
      I didn't want to work too much doing the dashboard setups and then overwrite it despite having the plugin for over a year !