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  • WEMO status display

    New to Homeseer but a longtime Imperihome (Vera) user. I notice when I turn on a WEMO switch the status icon (in Imperihome) lights (on) then in a second or two goes dark (off). If I tap the device again, it responds as if it were in the "off" mode, even though the switch is turned on. None of my Z-Wave switches have this problem, and truth be told I have all of 2 WEMO sitches. No great loss to toss, but still??? I'll pose this question in the WEMO forum too. It may be an issue on that end. Any other thoughts?

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    When you turn on a device from IH, it automatically assumes the operation was successful and changes the status to On, then a second or two later IH polls the IH plugin for all the devices status. So the problem is either

    (a) the WEMO device status in HomeSeer is not updated, or is updated with a delay (for example if it uses polling)
    (b) the IH plugin isn't notified when the WEMO device has its status updated.

    In both cases the problem is likely to be in the WEMO plugin.


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      Thanks for the response. As I had only 2 WEMO plugs and keeping them up and running has been problematic both in Vera and Homeseer, I "retired" them. They were an experiment with Alexa and Google home integration, really. Since Homeseer does this natively their purpose is moot. I preferred my Z-Wave switches for reliability anyway.