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  • Camera and sensor help - ImperiHome

    Hello everyone..
    Asking for help because I do not know how to solve after 3 days been tired.
    I want
    1. The children approach the sensor The tablet will open from sleep mode and will see the camera connected outside.
    2. I have a sensor over the door and an entry when there is a displacement I can see the camera and I did Evnets excellent work.

    But ..... My tablet is in sleep mode after displacement I see only the screen close (I do not have a password) Tablet wake up but I need to "slide" open the tabla and only then I see the camera ..

    The situation is not good for me - I want the tablet to open directly and also that it is in sleep mode ...

    Anyone have a solution?

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    what? No one wants to do the same?
    Connecting a motion sensor to your tablet to the camera and any movement will turn on your tablet


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      Is it an ImperiHome issue or an issue with the tablet? HS Touch may do what you need, although I don't use it, so not 100% sure.
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        What I do is listed in the picture.
        Everything is connected and working properly - on the camera inside the tablet, the sensor inside the system.

        After I turn on the Events it turns on the tablet but I have to "slide" tablet to open it.
        The system does not automatically open

        How can I make the tablet automatically open and show the camera


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          Would be helpful if you indicate what type of tablet you are using... There may be ways to bypass that with a utility but I doubt that IH or the IH plugin can do so directly.
          HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
          Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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            Mine wake up automatically when the camera event kicks off. So not sure what you were trying to do here then is that much different. Take a look at this thread and you can see how I do mine.


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              excellent, I do the same but ......

              My tablet wakes up and I only see its lockscreen - I can not see the camera.
              What do I need to do is to unlock the tablet and then i can see the software + camera

              If the Imprihome software is open then I see the camera and if the tablet goes into sleep mode I see the locked screen without the software
              I want to it skip lockscrean and open the camera directly


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                Ah... What type of tablet?

                If it's an Android tablet there are some things to try...

                1. Turn on developer mode and set the tablet to never go to sleep on power
                2. Load an app called targethomelauncher.. And set home to Imperihome. When you press the home button it will always go back to Imperihome (assuming that is what you use the tablet for)
                3. Used the sleep and wakeup function (on movement) in Imperihome
                4. In tablet security settings turn off lock screen

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                  Thank you
                  1. i downloaded the apps target home launcher - after work i wii make changes ))
                  2.the tablet - amazon 10'
                  3.i did in imperihome wakeup3

                  too bad i can not open screen in advance and i ned to downlod many apps

                  again thanks [COLOR=inherit !important]



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                    Target home launcher won't work on a Amazon tablet. You can still put that tablet in developer mode And keep it from powering down. It does still work though with your camera is, just leaving imperihome running As the main app on the screen


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                      Ok I'll check,
                      I went to the XDA site (you know) and there I did some things to a tablet lol so things work better