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Sliders for Dimming Control Not Responding

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    Sliders for Dimming Control Not Responding


    I installed the ImperiHome plug-in and it's fact I just purchased it.

    I'm am having an issue with controlling devices by using the slider (Dimmer #1 style). Sometimes when adjusting the slider, the new value isn't registered (i.e. there is no white text at the bottom saying "Setting Device to X") and the device doesn't change. It happens often - maybe 30-40% of the time. The on/off toggle works all of the time.

    I've tried this on a few different devices (all iOS) and no change. ImperiHome Plug-In v.

    Any thoughts on what might be doing this?

    Here's a sample of one of the devices with the issue:

    Click image for larger version

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    Sound like it is a problem with the IH app itself and not with the plugin. Does it happen for any device or just specific ones?

    That being said in the screenshot above, I would remove the "Control Use" field for Fast Off / Fast On because that's not a good idea to have duplicate Control Use for the same device.