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How to update status and not trigger another event...

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    How to update status and not trigger another event...

    So I have had my fair bit of challenges with virtual devices, and multi switches, as can be followed in another thread. One of the things I learned was to run with "True" when setting a device string value. Great!

    So of I went this morning, and decided to implement a "volume control for the media system" that always sends a number to my Marantz. Now the Marantz integration works, nothing new there. However I seem to get into a minor detail when I define my Virtual Device (VD) for holding my Volume Level, well actually it is in a global value, that I then transfer to the VD as a setting with a ", True" on that statement. However that VD does have a few buttons, with fixed volume levels/volume up/down and so on. And the trigger for a event connected to this VD is "IF System Media System Volume had its value set to -50dB" - now do observe the "had its value set to" - this and using setdevice with ",True" seems to re-trigger the same event over and over until I fill up the log or change to ", False".

    Is there some easy way around this, or can I not use a VDs status value in the same time as the "buttons" with volume level? Can I not combine the two?

    I can alter this question, see if anyone has any ideas:

    I need ONE Virtual Device (VD), that displays the current volume on the media system. On the same time, I would like the same VD to have a number of "buttons" that alters the volume either in fixed levels (-25dB, -30dB and so on) or in steps +/- 1dB and of course the MUTE function. All in one VD.