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virtual on-off switch with added status, how to add in imperihome dashboard

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    virtual on-off switch with added status, how to add in imperihome dashboard


    With the help of this forum I was able to make a switch which controlls a garagedoor and updates the status.

    This is the virtual switch with the added status:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-05-26 08_02_07-
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    What happends:
    -I press the controll open: an events toggles the actual garage door, the status part of that switch changes to 1 (stuck or transit) , after 15 seconds the garagedoor is checked with sensors what the actual status is ( open -close or transit) and than changes the status to the actual status , hopefully in this example "2".

    -When I press controll close: the same happends, just the oposite.

    This works fine in the HS Gui, but I use Imperihome ( for how long it still lasts) . The Virtual switch does not show up in the on/off devices , probably since it has also the status integrated. Anyone has an idea how to tackle this problem? Maybe fool the plugin as an RGB-light or as shutter, since when I set for example on one of my shade- shutters a value with the slide, since the physicall device is slow it shows the actual status on the Imperihome Gui graphics.
    Or is there a better way?

    Many thanks,

    If I remember correctly you have to call it a light so imperihome can find it. This may need that you also may change your status to just open or closed. Then you can attach a light widget to it and change the dynamic icon to the garage door within the Imperial home app.


      Tomgru :
      Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-05-27 07_02_45-
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      Just tried , but the device does not show up in the "on-off devices"tab.
      I was able to add it via multiswitch or shutter tab , but that's also not ideal , for the multiswitch I get a pop-up on imperihome what i want to do with the device. Like an lightbulb, I would just like to tap it so it toggles to the other state.

      Anyone has has an idea?



        For a device to be recognized as a on/off device by ImperiHome, it needs to have one control marked as Control Use = On, and one marked as Control Use = Off
        Also for the status to display correctly it needs to have the same value that the control, so you should change your virtual switch to the following:

        0 Closed Status
        1 Transit Status
        2 Opened Status
        0 Close Control ControlUse=On
        2 Open Control ControlUSe=Off


          spud: Thank you for your time.

          I just changed it into you suggestion , but it isn't working as expected.

          The plan is to toggle the button: let's say the "on" icon in imperihome is displayed. Than after for example 10 seconds I want by means of motion sensor in an event check of the gate is really closed (ON), than change to the actual 0-1-2 status, if the gate is stuck in transit or closed (Off) , I want the Icon to display the actual status, but not activate the gate again. I made 2 screenshots , how I have set it up now , as soon as the event change the variable in 2, the event is triggered again in a never ending loop, which makes sense offcourse. But is there a way to accomplish in imperihome and homeseer what I want?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-05-27 13_30_05-
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-05-27 13_29_56-Event.jpg
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