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Camera URLs no longer working?

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    Camera URLs no longer working?

    Been 6 months since I tried but it was working fine with 8 cameras and my BI system has not changed.

    All the cams setup in the Plugin and all URLs work in browser on the HS3 system and on the Android devices - both local and remote URLs

    I also have an Event to send Camera URL which no longer works... looks like IH tried (I see an icon on the android device popup) when using 'Imperihome Action' -> 'View Camera' , but the screen reverts back to whatever it was on.

    Anyone know how to fix? (I dont want to add all my cams directly into Imperihome)

    thx for the help!

    That explains why I was unable to add a camera that indeed works fine inside browser to grab image. ImperiHome app crashes when using still image option to retrieve screenshot, or it keeps a spinning circle on the live widget.

    Of course reaching out to ImperiHome support is useless with parent company bankrupt, so hoping this is HS-plugin related as camera feeds always worked flawless when I was still on Vera3.