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Bug? Sensor String Option Issue

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  • Bug? Sensor String Option Issue

    I have a virtual Home or Away device (based on the official HomeSeer YouTube tutorial) that I trigger with Tasker. I would like to see the status with ImperiHome on my mobile.

    I added the device which is status only on the sensor tab for your plugin and it accurately shows either a 1 or 2 for Home or Away.

    When I click the check box option to use string status so it shows the text Home or Away it will update once then sticks on that status. The string field was empty so I used a script to populate it correctly but it still sticks when using the string status option and accurately reflects a 1 or 2 without.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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    I also made a new regular device that is not "status only" and it does the same thing (works fine without string status checked but not when using that option).


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      I just tried to reproduce this problem, but for me everything worked as expected with sensor with string status.

      Could you set the log level to trace and capture the problem?