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Plugin: InControl For Windows Phone 7/HomeSeer - Version 1.2.0

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  • Plugin: InControl For Windows Phone 7/HomeSeer - Version 1.2.0

    • Close HomeSeer (server/service) and do a backup of the entire HomeSeer directory, should you need to return to the pervious verison.
    • Access HomeSeer Updater and download/isntall InControl version 1.3.1.


    InControl For Windows Phone 7 includes HomeSeer 2.0 and Windows Phone 7 plugins that work together to provides a real-time, interactive interface between your Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Homeseer. With InControl, you are provided with an easy to use, graphical interface in Windows Phone 7 to control and monitor any HomeSeer devices no matter where you are.

    • Control and/or monitor any Thermostats in HomeSeer from Windows Phone 7
    • Control and/or monitor any device in HomeSeer from Windows Phone 7
    • Start any Event in HomeSeer from Windows Phone 7
    • Secure connection via HomeSeer user id and password
    • Custom graphic library included for Windows Phone 7

    • Windows Phone 7 or higher
    • InControl For WP7 App (available MarketPlace)
    • HomeSeer 2.0 or higher
    • InControl For HomeSeer Plugin (available through HomeSeer store and updater)

    • Be sure to download and install the InControl Plugin for HomeSeer first. It is available through the HomeSeer Updater and Store.
    • Once InControl is running on your HomeSeer server, you can download and install the InControl Windows Phone 7 App from the Microsoft MarketPlace.

    More Information:
    • Enhancment Requests - There are many other features I am planning to add to this plugin. However, please feel free to post any enhancment ideas and I will do my best to add the capability.
    • Defect Reports - Please post any bugs or issues in this forum.

    Version Information:

    New Features:
    • Added support for thermostats. There are two types of thermostats that can bee added. (1) Thermostats Supporting the HomeSeer Thermostat API - this will automatically determine the thermostat capability and be pre configured. (2) Custom Thermostats (do not support HomeSeer Thermostat API) - this will require custom interfaces using Scripts to the thermostat.
    • Added capability to customize and send any device control buttons to the client
    • Changed send methed to use threads to avoid delay between events
    • Fixed issue with configuration settings being saved in settings.ini instead of hspi_incontrol.ini
    • HTML being sent as Device Strings was causing issues, added logic to strip out HTML
    • Fixed event not being sent properly when activated by client causing event not to trigger