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Windows Phone 8.1 issue and W8.1 Question

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  • Windows Phone 8.1 issue and W8.1 Question

    Currently using the demo - want to make sure it works before I buy! and running into issues

    I am having problems with both the windows 8.1 client and the windows phone client... none of my lights have any icons!

    I see a lot of people talking about custom icons, which is great, but I just want the default ones

    The other question I have is on the dimmers, I am not showing a dimmer control on the phone side. When I hit dim on the windows 8 interface a slider appears and then I move it to the desired level. On the phone side I hit dim and it tells me the percent is 1 and that is all... no ability to control?

    Scenes - how do I make them show up in the interface?

    Equipment in question...
    Phones:Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 1520 and Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview Lumia 928.

    Devices: All cooper, and a lot of it

    Control: HS3 Pro Hometroller SE3

    Computers: 2 Surface Pro 128GB