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    Live Tiles?

    I'm trying out both HS3 and the InControl plugins at the moment.

    I may not have the Windows 8.1 app set up correctly, but I seem not to be getting the current status of devices shown in the top level interface.

    I would have thought that, for example, a lamp device would show its status (On or Off) in a status graphic on the top level tile.

    It will do this if I select the device and change its state - then going back to the top level will show the status correctly.

    However, if the state of the device gets changed by some other route (e.g. an event trigger fires), then the realtime status of the device is not reflected in the tile. Surely it should be?

    Also, I have an Everspring Motion Sensor defined in HS3 and in the InControl app. When the sensor detects motion, this is shown in HS3 in realtime, but the InControl app continues to report "No motion"' for the sensor.

    Lastly, one minor UI issue: the app uses US date format (mm/dd/yyyy). I'm in Europe, and my Windows 8.1 OS is set to the European format (dd/mm/yyyy). It would be nice if InControl would follow the regional settings of the OS, as apps are supposed to do.