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  • missing device icons or images

    so i'm using HS3 and installed the latest incontrol.
    I am happy with my ability to manage devices with a windows phone and windows 8. So first off thank you.
    the only issue I am having is that I do not see device icons with either device interface.
    All is see on the windows phone is empty space where the images should be, and on windows 8, I see an empty box with the description of the device, but no image.
    my thoughts are clearly i'm doing something wrong.
    any assistance would be appreciated.


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    I have excatly the same problem: no icons on devices. Not in Windows Phone client or Windows Store app on PC.


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      Did you select an icon on the Incontrol tab for your device?
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      If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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        Bingo! that was it.
        they were set to Default... I changed them and they are visible with the selected images.



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          Yes, I got it now.

          One needs to select graphics for each and every device and status combination. 'Default' means actually no image at all.

          For dimmable devices, one also needs to tick the 'Dimmable' checbox in the Device Control Mapping section for Brightness function; otherwise the slider won't show up.


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            I'm going to revive this discussion a bit now with a little twist.

            I've been working at changing over all of the icons on InControl to the new contemporary style from Homeseer3, but I've run into something interesting...

            If I have an icon selected... ie... custom_chandelier_on, I can goto my Windows Device (Tablet or Phone) and see the icon... I then change the icon a little (a tweak or color adjustment, but leave the name the same) and copy the new updated png to the device_images_custom folder. I then go back to my Windows Device and it still shows the old icon. I'm assuming there is a cache on the windows phone or windows surface... how do I clear it so the new icon appears?

            Note: if I goto a device where the icon never appeared after the tweak and refresh, the icon shows correctly (which leads me to assume a cache issue).