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Environment Canada Weather Plugin bug/anomaly reproduced

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  • Environment Canada Weather Plugin bug/anomaly reproduced

    I've been struggling with having some of the EnvCan elements/devices losing their Address and getting re-created with a new Reference ID, seemingly at random.
    When the Reference ID would get changed, it would invalidate any of my events that referenced them by Reference ID.

    But today I think I've been able to shed some light on things
    Attached is a screen cap of what happens (with highlights).

    When I edited the device pck-Forecast1_summary and changed
    -unchecked "Voice Command"
    -unchecked "Do not update device last change time if device value does not change:"

    It somehow invalidated the Device and the Address field (highlighted) became generic "pck".
    Then, on next manual refresh of the Plugin, it doesn't delete/remove the old device, but creates a new one, identical other than a new Ref ID.

    So the short-term workaround/fix is to not edit the Device configuration..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	EnvCan screencap 2018-09-25 v01.JPG
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    Makes sense. If the plugin can't a device by it's address (which is being changed) then it will create it.


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      So maybe this suggests that, going forward, I should disable the plugin before making changes like disabling the voice command settings (to avoid overloading Google Home), and then re-enabling the plugin, to keep it from trying to access the devices during that time.


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        Let me play around with this. If the address code I am using isn't supported by the UI when you edit it, I will need to use a different format. Basically you can't change the address code so if the UI changes it, you break it.


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          I have recreated the issue. If you edit a device, and make a change, everything after the "-" is deleted in the address code field. I am wondering if this is a bug in the HS3 UI? Otto-mation do you have time to take this up with the HS3 team?

          If there are rules around what an address code should be, I have not seen these rules. Others seems to be using whatever they like in this field too.


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            Hi Chris, glad to hear you were able to reproduce the error - that's what I experienced, too.
            I would be happy to take it up with HS3 team - do you know if there's a formal process for this?
            Or do I just email their tech support?

            FYI, since Dec 6, I still haven't been able to get the feeds working again.
            My Zee is a Pi2 and for some reason unable to update the Mono (not sure if that's related). But I am trying a new card image later today and hopefully that fixes things. Gawd I miss having my weather feed!


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              ok, let me know how it goes. I don't have a Zee so I can't help unfortunately. I guess if you can't get that working the device editing issue isn't a priority...


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                Update: I seem to have gotten the new card/image working - both the X-10 and Z-wave devices are now working (aside from some unnamed devices now appearing.
                But the HS version is now current, as is the Mono version.
                The EnvCan feed still gives the timeout message in the log and hasn't updated the devices since Dec 6.
                I had a look at the config file and while I don't know XML, it seemed odd to me that the first city entry would be INDEX 4 - is that ok?
                I only have two cities in my feeds - Pickering and Toronto.
                I pasted the excerpt here....



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                  Originally posted by chrisgo View Post
                  ok, let me know how it goes. I don't have a Zee so I can't help unfortunately. I guess if you can't get that working the device editing issue isn't a priority...
                  HI Chris,

                  Response from HomeSeer Support was that yours is the only plugin where this is an issue and their preference is to deal with the plugin developer directly so that you can speak directly with one of their developers.


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                    Index 4 doesn't matter. Not sure what next steps are... I don't have a similar env to test with so difficult to help you.

                    Ref contacting HS support, I will see if I can find time but at this point doesn't seem a priority given the plugin isn't working for you.


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                      You might hold off on doing anything right now.
                      I've ordered a replacement SD card from HS with delivery ETA on Monday. That will have the current release and current version on Mono and then I can re-install and go from there.
                      I will let you know how it goes.


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                        Here's the issue re-created without my plugin. I am using hs.address & hs.code which is then displayed in the address field as address-code. When you edit the device in the UI the code is being stripped.

                        1. Using this basic script, create a new device:

                        Public Sub Main(ByVal param As Object)
                        Dim dv As Scheduler.Classes.DeviceClass
                        Dim ref As Integer

                        ref = hs.NewDeviceRef("a-test-device")
                        dv = hs.GetDeviceByRef(ref)
                        dv.Address(hs) = "address"
                        dv.Code(hs) = "code"
                        dv.Location(hs) = "test"
                        dv.Location2(hs) = "test"
                        End Sub

                        2. Find this device in the UI. Notice the device address = "address-code" (this column needs to be enabled in the settings to show up)

                        3. Edit the device via the UI and disable voice commands tick box.

                        4. Go back to home page and see the address column has changed from "address-code" to "address".

                        I think I am mis-using the 'code' value as it won't accept a string. I think a simple fix is I can use just hs.address and include the full name and just stop using hs.code. I will see if I can provide this fix in a future release.


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                          The Pi image on the HS website turned out to be buggy and wouldn't install properly. When they emailed me a link to a specific image, I burned to SD card, launched HS on the Zee, restored my config backup and my devices returned.
                          Then I added my plugins, followed by the EnvCanada one and it appears to be working once again (2 hours so far!)
                          Fingers crossed, but it appears that you were right from the outset, Chris, that my outdated MONO files likely had something to do with my Zee issues.
                          Tomorrow I will do more testing with my weather events and VBscripts etc.
                          I added a dummy/test city to do more testing, too.
                          Great way to start the weekend!