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Local PWS data use in Homeseer

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  • Local PWS data use in Homeseer

    Hey all, just thought I'd share some hopefully helpful info if you own a PWS (nearly any make) and want to be able to use the data locally with Homeseer (without relying on a cloud/net connection). I've got a AcuRite 5 in 1 with a now obsolete hub, though I've found a solution to prevent me from having to shell out $100+ for a new hub. I found a program called WeeWX ( that enables you to intercept the data from your PWS and upload it to a variety of servers. I'm uploading to Weather Underground and PWSWeather (for use with my Rachio controller). Now that WU has changed their API and I'm in need of an interim solution until the WU HSPI are updated, I've discovered that WeeWX can also publish readings via MQTT, which then can be pulled through the mcsmqtt HSPI. There's no forecast data, but there's other plugins that can provide forecast data easily.

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    Hello- I have a setup that is almost identical to yours(weewx, rachio, pwsweather, mqtt). Have you figured out how to use your local pws mqtt data to update Weatherxml's current conditions?


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      I'm not even using the WeatherXML plugin - the mcsmqtt plugin config lets you create the desired HS devices directly for current conditions from the weewx mqtt feed.


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        That's funny because I JUST uninstalled WeatherXML. After posting last night I determined that I don't need Forecast data in HomeSeer because I have it on my PWS web site and Rachio will handle anything I might need forecast data for. MQTT devices for Weather data really works great doesn't it?!


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          Yeah, I personally find I don't have anything I need to rely on for forecast data, so having the local PWS info is much more useful since I'm far enough from my city's weather station to make a few degrees difference, though the forecast data for the city is still fairly relevant enough for my needs.


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            Yep, where we live the temp can be off by 5 or more degrees from areas around us. Rainfall amounts can be way off also because we live in a "Rain Shadow" area. This used to cause Rachio to do the wrong thing sometime.