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  • Pipe Dream ?

    This might seem 'pie in the sky' or a pipe dream....but here's a what-if....

    Wouldn't it be great if there was software that would calculate the total wind energy (as measured on a personal weather station) at a given location over the course of a year (or maybe even longer term...3, 5, or 10 years) to determine if a specific location is a good candidate for a wind-turbine, and how much electrical energy might be generated from that total accumulated wind energy at that specific location ?

    Pipe Dream ?

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    Weather Display can do this. Check them out at weather


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      Pretty much any application that records data over a period of time provides what is needed. A simple database query will give you the average wind speed over any given period of time. Script examples of storage to a database are prevelent. mcsTemperature simplifies by providing a graphical UI rather than script.


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        Here's a combo 3 weather wind instrument view posted live on the internet. One is directly from the Temp-08 AAG instrument and two are via XAP Cumulus to the MCSTemperature program. The three weather stations are mounted at different heights in different places. The AAG has been running now for about 8 years.

        BTW Merry Christmas to you Michael!

        - Pete

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