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Fine Offset Testing

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  • Pete
    Some interesting weather in FL today. Here's some FO weather info. I will most likely install an IP weathercam on my next visit...wish there was one there today.

    The stats/pics come from the HS Cumulus plugin / Cumulus and weather service.
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  • Pete
    started a topic Fine Offset Testing

    Fine Offset Testing

    After a few months of running fine in FL the Fine Offset console to PC connection disconnected itself a couple of weeks ago.

    The "fix" has been to remove the USB cable / batteries and the put the batteries back in and plug the USB cable back in.

    This issue dings the Fine Offset weather station a bit for remote configurations.

    Initially I was going to power it with a transformer on a remote X10 appliance module and decided not to.

    Today will remove the batteries and just have the laptop Cumulus server reboot if it locks up. I am guessing that the short shut off of the power may reset it.