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Script for Interpreting Barometric Pressure Changes

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  • Script for Interpreting Barometric Pressure Changes

    Does anyone have a script to interpret the barometric readings from a weather station to know what the conditions outside are? My weather station logs the pressure, but thats I would like to monitor it so I know whether to display a sunshine icon on a display or a cloudy one or a raining one, etc etc.

    If no script, could someone explain how I could monitor it myself? I know that falling pressure means one thing, and rising means another but how do I monitor it? Do I see what the change is over an hours time? 5 Minutes? 3 hours? This is the part Im confused on...

    Hope this makes sense

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    You should check out Weather Display. It will set icons based on barometric pressure combined with current conditions which leads to a very reliable current conditions icon.


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      Ouch...thats pretty steep just to get a picture to pop up on a digital sign...especially since I already have the data I just dont know how to interpret it into something useful. The weather is more of an after thought anyway...hmmm. I might try the trial and see if it changes my mind. Thanks for the heads up...