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Alternative to World Weather Online

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  • Alternative to World Weather Online

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm not sure if this question should be posted here or the HSTouch forum. If it's in the wrong place, please accept my apologies.

    I am looking for an alternative to World Weather Online for HSTouch weather forecasts. I have found their forecasts are not very accurate long term (2+ days).

    I tried switching to Weatherbug. I received an API key from them and entered it in HSTouch Server but it didn't work. I received two different API keys from Weatherbug. One is a REST XML key and the other is a GEO Basic key. I tried both of them but neither worked.

    Is there something else besides changing the API key in HSTouch that I need to do to make this work?

    Otherwise, is there another service that I can try?

    Thanks for the help!!

    Armand Girard