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    Originally posted by martywinston View Post
    Curiosity questions:

    May I ask how much you paid for that personal weather station?

    Would you feel differently if you could get post-analysis data that was more immediately useful and required less scripting to polish? For example, if specific to your address you could know exactly what times there would be direct sun glare or overcast, rain starting or stopping, uncomfortable combinations of heat and humidity, abrupt temperature shifts, etc?
    Only payed about $150 several years ago. With it tied into Weather Underground, I have all the data/forecasts that I need to keep my lawn nice and green. For indoors, my Nest thermostat learns and adjusts all by itself, no need for any outside sources messing with it (including me!).

    I think the BIGGEST thing you will find with the HomeSeer crowd...we like gadgets! Data is nice, but hardware is king. When people ask, "how did you know that" and you can point at your own weather station vs. some data on a screen I think you'll get the point.
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      Originally posted by martywinston View Post
      and the energy costs are much higher when the only response to an abrupt change is a brute force response; comfort is also compromised.
      Originally posted by rprade
      There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


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        I live in a rural area. I do not believe that more accurate data is possible in my area. Weather radar is available free. The only way I would subscribe to a paid weather service would be if it included a sophisticated Homeseer plugin that would make it easy to integrate with my HS3 devices. I would also like to see a weekly summary of my weather which included heating degree days, etc.

        Steve Q

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          Originally posted by martywinston View Post
          I had a lengthy chat with developers at a MAJOR weather company about their API and about home control. We talked about how IP calls using something like JSON could return some highly nuanced information, like how many minutes before rain stops or ends, specific to a location as precise as two decimal places in the latitude and longitude. If we can imagine it they can pretty well do it.
          Ok, Accuweather's Minutecast right? They already have a free app that distributes these info through smartphones/tablets.

          We also talked about price - and tended to agree on most things. There should be a free public API for personal use - that expensive was OK for commercial deployment - but that for upgraded features it wouldn't be unfair to suggest a nominal annual subscription/access/whatever charge.

          So we're to define new and expanded premium features above those already provided through the free mobile app, right?

          Now guys, I haven't been here long but I do understand that you only want to part with your money for toys, not for services - then again, I know what it costs to add a Davis personal weather station or even a Neatmo - and those offer only micro-weather, not macro-weather.
          I spend more than a $100 per month (combined) on all kinds of online services. As long as the value is clear and i enjoy the benefit, i will continue using the service.

          So I suggested that $99/year is reasonable and they thought that could work, but when I told Mark he said I should ask you, so there's a poll here.
          This yearly $100 weather thing though, i'm still not clear about its value... And i think the poll reflects that too. (No one beside OP voted for anything above $9.99/year).

          Btw, wouldn't our use fall under the 'free API for personal use' in the first paragraph anyway?

          Do please feel free, independent of the pricing issue, to reply with your dream wish list for weather-related specifics on demand, already analyzed on big iron so there's less for rules to do.

          And if you could get that, essentially unlimited, for your personal home use, how much per year do you think its real value to you will be - and never mind that - how much would you be willing to pay?
          A 'Big play' from the community's point of view is about getting these features for the least amount of fees (free), not about setting a price target and getting us to fill in the value gap.

          So i'm guessing that would explain the tone and skepticism in this thread (including mine)
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            I am in to weather here a bit and mostly just interested in which weather company it is you write of?

            Years ago would get mesmerized by meteorologists all sitting in one room guiding aeroplanes through weather stuff. (lots of aeroplanes, lots of weather and much multitasking was going on).

            You now have a few responses to your posts and poll.

            Which company is it you are writing about?
            - Pete

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              LeoS -

              I won't specify but your insight is excellent.

              And as to AccuWeather, I have spoken to them and investigated their API and major functionality is indeed available free - what they have out there isn't exactly what I'm referencing but it's close enough to be a model for these discussions.

              I need to be, at times, an investigative journalist, and the answers I seek are not always manifest in the questions I ask - I've already learned a great deal from this thread - and it's more positive learning than most may anticipate.

              I'll let the dust settle here and translate what I've learned into a published special report - and maybe into some outside developments you can't so easily anticipate.



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                If you take out Marty's own votes (he voted for $99 and $149)... 100% of users here would not want to pay more than $9.99 for something they are already getting for free...
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