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Recommedations for long lasting Weather Station?

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  • Recommedations for long lasting Weather Station?


    I've had Homeseer running since 2002 and have always had a weather station interfaced to it. Unfortunately they tend not to last - I've had a couple different Oregon Scientifics, and a couple different 'kits' based on 1wire. My current 1wire set up is starting to fail and I'm looking at alternatives again. Can any of you speak to the longevity and reliability of some of the other weather stations? The Netatmo looks interesting but hasn't been around long enough to judge - but what about the Davis systems - anyone out there that has had one of these last 10 years?

    Thanks for your inputs - I'm confident I can get the data into HS3 somehow so I'm really focused on reliability - and price is not an issue.

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    Davis Vantage Pro 2

    5 Years old

    Only issue has been the temp/humidity sensor failed earlier this year was easy to replace.


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      I just went through the same question and decided on the Davis Vantage Pro 2.

      There is really no comparison between the OS and Davis in build quality and the options available.

      The additional cost to integrate include data loggers and 3rd party software. No USB or serial connection OOTB.


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        Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless 11 years old and still works perfectly. They are not cheap but they last and Davis's support is top notch.


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          Started with a Oregon Scientifics and it lasted 2 years, then switch to a Davis Vantage Vue about 7 years ago. I've never had any problems, take it down once a year to clean up a little then back up it goes. I agree with the others no comparison between the to stations.
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            Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless -- ~~ 10 Years old

            Expansion capability is nice - I keep track of lake temperature with underwater sensors.


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              Here using a Davis Vantage Vue, Pro and Fine Offset weather stations.

              The Davis weather stations are the best. Very well built.

              The Fine Offset has done OK about 50 feet from salty water.

              It has been a few years ago that I wrote a take apart on the Davis Vantage Vue and Fine Offset weather stations.

              Today using Cumulus MX running on a RPi2 for the weather stations. Solid program.

              That and I upload data from the weather stations to one hosting site and utilize Homeseer to download the Cumulus realtime.txt files. Jon00's cumulus plugin/script works fine with this.
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